Considering cosmetic surgery without knowing the modalities of post-operative follow-up involves significant risks. Contrary to popular belief, care does not stop when you leave the operating room. From the first hours, the surgeon sets up a long process to monitor the evolution of the scars and the resorption of edemas and bruises. This follow-up plays a crucial role in obtaining a final result that will meet each patient’s expectations and allow them to obtain the best possible benefit from the intervention.

What are the consequences of not following up?

The terms of postoperative follow-up are clearly stated from the first consultations. They take place within the framework of transparent and constructive exchanges between the patient and his surgeon. In their absence, the patient is exposed to several risks:

  • delayed healing or infection
  • ignorance of the care procedures to be performed
  • lack of sufficient recovery time
  • the practice of risky activities after surgery
  • scar abnormalities that may call into question the result

The solution: offer quality monitoring

The follow-up depends on both the nature of the surgery and the surgeon’s assessment. The follow-up can include several consultations carried out in the office or, in certain exceptional cases, remotely (particularly if the patient resides in another country or another region).

Post-operative follow-up must always be exclusively carried out and supervised by the surgeon who operated.

The follow-up schedule

  • Postoperative consultations take place in the office, in the treatment room.
  • Ingrid, nurse instrumentalist, takes care of each patient to remove the dressings.
  • She proceeds to clean and remove the threads.
  • The next postoperative appointment is then set.

The advantages of personalized follow-up

  • The proposed follow-up schedule makes it possible to supervise the evolution after the intervention.
  • As needed, corrective actions can be taken immediately.
  • A real exchange is established with the patient throughout the protocol, which helps to reassure him.
  • The bond of trust established with the surgeon reinforces his serenity.