The cervicofacial lift may be considered to restore youthful facial aesthetic medicine when protocols are inadequate for effective correction. However, it is a surgical act in its own right, which leads to more or less embarrassing consequences and leaves no room for improvisation.

Morphological analysis, a prerequisite for a facelift

The facelift provides overall rejuvenation by correcting the natural sagging of the face and neck. It acts on all the components of aging: wrinkles, excess or insufficient fatty tissue, sagging skin, and loss of firmness. One of the main challenges for the cosmetic surgeon is to manage to rejuvenate the face of his patient without altering the features. It is only at this price that it is possible to obtain a natural result, without modification of the physiognomy.

Good management of postoperative procedures

The follow-up protocol is established over one year and includes progressively spaced consultations. It allows the patient to be supported at each stage, after the intervention:

  • The first days after the facelift are particularly important. The surgeon should control edema and bruise while checking the healing process. The dressings are removed the next day. The surgeon generally removes the threads from the 10th day. Signs of tension or discomfort fade after 2 weeks, as does swelling. They are often a source of concern for patients but are not serious.
  • The care is carried out by patients at home and supervised by the cosmetic surgeon who checks their compliance. They consist of keeping the scars perfectly clean and in avoiding any risk of superinfection.
  • The final results can begin to be appreciated by the patient after one to three months. The follow-up makes it possible to correct a possible scar abnormality (this phenomenon is rare). At this stage, it is possible to present the patient with before / after photos to concretely analyze the changes made.

What are the consequences of an increase in the volume of the lips?

Full, full lips are synonymous with youth and beauty. Hyaluronic acid injections make it possible to increase the volume of the lips immediately. However, this act of aesthetic medicine should never be carried out on impulse, despite its trivialization. On the other hand, it requires the expertise of a cosmetic surgeon perfectly mastering the injection process in this sensitive area.

A medical act above all

Injections, because of their safety and the sometimes spectacular results they induce, have met with great success. But this “beauty treatment” should not be equated with a treatment session in an institute or a makeover at the hairdresser. It is an aesthetic medicine gesture that requires a minimum of thought. Even if the injections offer temporary results, since the hyaluronic acid tends to be reabsorbed, it is necessary to wonder about the consequences and the desired effects.

What are the consequences of an injection of hyaluronic acid in the lips?

Unlike plastic surgery, the injection protocol is performed in the aesthetic doctor’s office. It does not require any preparation or hospitalization. The injectable product contains an anesthetic that reduces pain. The sessions last between 10 and 20 minutes. As part of an injection in the labial area, the cosmetic surgeon must inject a limited quantity of product to avoid excessive swelling. The hyaluronic acid used will be more or less crosslinked, depending on the indication given. For example, for the correction of wrinkles located around the lips, it is preferable to choose a very fluid product, which will simply smooth the skin without modifying the structure of the face.

What to do in case of edema after an injection?

In the vast majority of cases, the consequences of an injection of hyaluronic acid in the lips are limited to edema and slight bruising. These side effects do not affect the result of the injection protocol in any way and should not worry about the patients. The transient swelling of the lips after the injection is not due to an excess of product or a handling error by the surgeon. The lip area is particularly fragile and is characterized by a thin skin. It is, therefore, more sensitive to injections. The mouth will regain a harmonious shape and volume after 3 to 10 days. For example, patients who wish to remain discreet and not discuss their intervention can perform the injections while on leave. Normally, it is not necessary to interrupt your activities after an injection session.